Bespoke production with NAMA DENIM

Bespoke production with NAMA DENIM

Nama Denim Studio was established in 2014 by Vishesh Sachdev and is founded on the Sachdev family textile business that stretches back 3 generations.

Nama works like a tailoring shop, every garment Vishesh and the Nama team make is produced in their Bangkok studio, from the patterns, to construction using vintage sewing machines, right through to the final finishes.

Each piece is made by hand, with one artisan making the garment from start to end.  This is the antithesis of mass production, it is dedication to a craft. 


We first discovered Nama denim in 2019 when we were in Bangkok returning from completing a block printing art project in India and we absolutely wanted to work with them.

Nama's machinists are skilled technicians with a sharp eye for detail, their hands and eyes have been trained in the essence of great denim construction. 

Each piece takes time with the strongest emphasis on quality not quantity.

To collaborate with Nama we designed and produced our first small batch of chore coats and wide leg dungarees using their organic denim sourced from Kuroki Mills in Japan  (founded in the 1700's Edo Period) 

Nama's links in the denim trade are mostly with suppliers in Japan, where they maintain an office. This connection gives them access to denim mills and producers outside our reach.


 This year we’ve working with Nama on up cycling denim off-cuts from their in house production, turning them into bags and garments. Most of the denim we’re using is selvedge denim sourced from Okayama, Japan.


Nama was our first international maker connection and one we are very proud to continue working with.

Together we can make the best products we can, not the most products we can. 




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