Floating in Rock pools with graphic designer and illustrator RUBY MACKINNON

Floating in Rock pools with graphic designer and illustrator RUBY MACKINNON


Question: ‘ What did one Rock Pool say to another?

  Answer: ' Show us your mussels! ‘ 

This Christmas cracker joke interfered with my thought process when asking Ruby Mackinnon about her Summer adventures on the peninsula. The joke for some reason kept getting in the way of what I was trying to ask about a joyous day spent diving in rock pools. 


We here at W.P.S.C love to see the visual diaries of creative thinkers, which often include photography, ideas for colour palettes and lots of fabulous loose sketches. Following the linage from diary entry to a final art work is a language with in itself. Ideas don't always suit words, they often come about from a feeling or from accessing a moment of freedom. 


W.P.S.C Presents an intimate Photo Essay from Bridgewater Bay, Blairgowrie by Graphic Designer and Illustrator Ruby Mackinnon.



 "Excitement, freedom, summer, adventure. I expect that it's actually a well known spot but we pretty much stumbled on it by chance and instantly fell in love. The colour of the water was just incredible. I love it when the water is clear and still and beautifully coloured, it makes me think of jelly.  The fact that it was a lone rock pool deep enough but also secluded enough to be safe to swim in (or jump into as lots of people did) that you could only access at certain times of day (due to tides) made it feel really special."




 "Diving into the water is probably my favourite feeling. Not from a great height, I'm a huge wimp but just breaking through the water surface, hands first followed by my head and feeling it rush past me is the best. Its so invigorating!"




 " I pretty much think of Jane Austen in all scenarios. "A little sea bathing would set me up for forever" only I think Mrs Bennet was partially wrong (not her fault, she likely hadn't seen the sea or very few times at best). Whilst I think the sea has lots of great benefits I don't think you can ever get enough of it, you'll always be hungry for more."

 All Images by Ruby Mackinnon except any with her in them, they're taken by Andy McDowell. 
Thanks Ruby for sharing the joy, here is to many more carefree days floating in the sapphire jelly pools of the sea. 
Find out about Ruby Mackinnon here.