Cross Checking with ANTA from Scotland.

Cross Checking with ANTA from Scotland.

ANTA are one of our beloved suppliers. 

A family affair, run by Co-founders Annie and Lachlan Stewart. 

One a painter, one an architect share the same design philosophy, preferring to working with natural materials wherever possible and using methods of production that involve a high level of craft. 

This dedication to craft and ethical production extends to the next generation. 

Their in-house training programme helps to develop artisans of the future, ensuring that these traditional skills aren’t lost, and that the local community continues to benefit. 


Their makers form a small but strong team of craftsmen. The back bone of ANTA, their expertise, skill and attention to detail helps ensure ANTA fulfil their promise of delivering timeless style and enduring quality.



We draw inspiration from ANTA, holding their products dear.

Each piece evidence of staying true to your ethos and philosophy. 

Find our selection of ANTA Tartan here